Articles written from the perspective of Historian focus on diagnosing historical events to enhance preparedness and are tailored for individuals interested in learning from the past to better prepare for the future. These articles cater to preppers who seek to understand the mistakes, successes, and pivotal moments of the past in order to improve readiness and resilience in the present day.

While studying and analyzing historical events are fundamental to the field of history, the Historian perspective emphasizes drawing lessons from the past to improve present-day preparedness efforts. By examining how societies, civilizations, and individuals responded to various challenges and crises throughout history, Historian aims to identify patterns, trends, and strategies that can guide contemporary preparedness practices.

Historian authored articles explore topics such as military strategies in ancient battles, responses to natural disasters in different eras, and societal adaptations to pandemics and other crises throughout history. By highlighting key historical events, decisions, and outcomes, Historian offers insights into the importance of proactive planning, risk assessment, and adaptive measures based on lessons learned from the past.

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