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Prepper Interests
Sustaining life and sustainability often go hand and hand. To sustain ones life the body needs oxygen, water, and food. Without the triangle of life no-one can survive. Maximizing the use of reusable and renewable resources like energy, water, food, supplies, and natural food production will help stretch your supplies.
Natural, man made, cosmic, major, minor, purposeful, or accidental; disasters happen all over the world, every day. Prepper Life is all about helping like minded people find reliable information to help them and their families survive even the most devastating of disasters.
Emergency and survival supplies are the backbone of prepping. Also known as 'preps', your supplies, whether nourishment, utility, weapons, or medical; are what will keep you and your family alive in a disaster scenario.
Surviving any disaster or unforeseen circumstance heavily relies on knowledge and preparedness. When you are armed with the knowledge of how to survive and prepared with the proper supplies, your survival rate will increase dramatically.
Preparation (Prepping) is the key to handling and surviving any emergency situation. Preparing isn't only about having ample or the right supplies. The right type of knowledge and skills are also necessary.
It is important to remember the medical conditions that can come with surviving a disaster scenario. Illnesses, cuts, bruises, and even broken bones. When hospitals are shut down or there is no power, you may just have to handle the situation on your own.
Foraging is the act of collecting food, especially berries, mushrooms and other vegetation that grow in the wild.
Family is the point! Prepper Life is about maintaining a preparedness mentality while keeping focus on the reason it is important; keeping our family safe. Working together as a family to become prepared is the best way to live the Prepper Life.
Kits contains our main survival supplies. There are several kits each prepper should always have ready: first aid kit, sewing kit, repair kit, etc.
Weapons include knives, guns, batons, bats, and more; this also includes the Knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful tool for survival.