While many have been concerned with a civil war in America in the recent past, especially after the capitol attack, our biggest threat of war is from other countries.

When considering war with another country, Americans tend to think about Russia, China, North Korea or Middle Eastern countries. The biggest military threat to the United States is Russia. Russia is one of only a few countries in the world that has the capability to project power beyond its borders in a meaningful way, and its large nuclear arsenal, modernized military technology, and cyber capabilities all pose serious threats to the US.

China is a potential military threat to the United States but is not currently a direct military threat. The U.S. and China have a long history of strategic competition, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, and the two countries have a range of military capabilities at their disposal. China’s military modernization, which includes the development of advanced weapons systems, has raised concerns in the U.S. about a potential challenge to its regional military dominance. However, the two countries have been in communication about military-related issues and have recently made progress on areas of common interest, such as counter-terrorism, which reduces tensions.

North Korea is considered a military threat to the United States due to its nuclear weapons program and long-range ballistic missile capabilities. In addition, the country has a large and well-equipped conventional military force. The United States has maintained a strong deterrent posture in the region to counter any potential threats.

In the middle east Iran is America's biggest military threat. Iran has a large military and has been a source of tension in the Middle East for many years. The US and Iran have had a long history of conflict, including the US backing of Iraq in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq War. In recent years, Iran has been accused of supporting militant groups and developing nuclear weapons, which has increased tensions between the two countries.