Civil War

Civil Wars take place when the citizens of the same country wage war against each other. Political division in the U.S. has recently increased concerns about a future civil war amongst Americans.

The likelihood of a civil war in America is very low. The United States is a strong and stable democracy that has not seen a civil war in more than 150 years. The country has a strong and vibrant economy, healthy civil liberties and a robust system of checks and balances. While the political discourse in the US has become increasingly divisive in recent years, the chances of a civil war are still considered to be very slim.

With that being said the divisiveness has become very polarizing in the last decade and the recent attack on our capitol shows signs of a revolution. The attack on the capitol was an effort to interfere with the smooth transition of power.

If the transfer of power did not happen, it could lead to chaos and instability within the government. A lack of power transfer could lead to a power vacuum, in which political factions would struggle to gain control of the government. This could lead to civil conflict, as factions vie for power, triggering a period of authoritarian rule, as one faction takes control of the government. Ultimately, it would disrupt the democratic process.

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