Cosmic Threats

Don't Look Up

The dangers coming from space pose some catastrophic threats. These scenarios range from electromagnetic pulses caused by solar flares to civilization ending cataclysms like large meteors. System disruptions can be caused by cosmic events, so they should be considered as threat scenarios. Because some of the cosmic threats are so devastating to our global existence, they require doomsday level preparations.

"Even small asteroids have the potential for profound impact"

Cosmic Threats


The most common threats to Earth from the cosmos include:

Asteroid Impacts:
Large asteroids or comets colliding with Earth can cause significant damage, including massive explosions, fires, and tsunamis. Even smaller meteorites can cause damage to the planet and the economy depending on where they land.

Solar Flares:
Intense bursts of radiation from the Sun, known as solar flares, can disrupt satellite communications, power grids, and other electrical systems on Earth.

Gamma-Ray Bursts:
These are powerful bursts of high-energy gamma rays that can occur when massive stars collapse or merge. If a gamma-ray burst were to occur nearby, it could potentially strip away the Earth's protective ozone layer, exposing us to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

When a massive star explodes at the end of its life, it emits a tremendous amount of energy in the form of a supernova. While the chances of a supernova occurring close enough to harm Earth are low, the high-energy radiation and cosmic rays it produces could pose a threat to life on our planet.

Planetary Alignment:
Although extremely rare, if the planets in our solar system were to align in a particular way, their combined gravitational forces could potentially affect Earth's orbit and stability.

Outside of the violent chaotic nature of the cosmos impacting our planet in a meaningful way, there are also individuals that consider extra-terrestrials as potentials threats. We don't really cover this topic on Prepper Life®, but like the rest of the cosmic threats we suspect the result would be cataclysmic.

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