Watch the Show

Meteors pass closely to earth all the time. Want evidence, look up, tonight! This evening a rare meteor shower will be visible around 11:15 pm EST. The best place in the U.S. to watch this meteor shower is on the east coast.

Astronomers have predicted that the meteor outburst will be similar to an event that occurred in 1995 that included 400 meteors per hour. The next occurrence isn’t expected until 2043.

The meteor shower is expected to include an outburst around 11:50 pm EST and last around 40 minutes. Astronomers say viewers should look low in the eastern skyline.

Parent Comet

The Alpha Monocerotids showers derived from a unicorn-shaped constellation have brought showers during previous years in November, but rarely have provided the show expected this evening.

The strength of the rare meteor shower will be dependent upon the size of the parent comet’s orbit. The orbit of the parent comet has not been verified.

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Friendly Reminder

While Bill Cooke of NASA warns that this event might not be as spectacular as astronomers and the media have predicted, it still provides a sense of realism about how events in the cosmos can impact life on earth.

If comets are traveling near our planet and lighting up the sky with meteor showers, it serves as a reminder that space is a violent place and our safety is dependent upon what the cosmos throws at us.