They Happen Every Day

When precautions aren't enough and an accident happens, you need to be prepared to respond. There are many types of accidents, but the most common include: Car Accidents, Slips & Falls and Pedestrians & Bicycle accidents. Being prepared for an accident means you have the skills to identify environmental threats and employing best safety practices to reduce danger; as well as having the supplies and skills to address the effects of the accident.

"Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, but their consequences can last a lifetime."



Accidents happen and they happen regularly. Taking precautions can reduce accidents, but not eliminate them, so it is important to be prepared to handle accidents when they occur.

Taking precautions can help reduce the number of accidents you encounter, but sometimes they are out of your control and just happen to you. Identifying dangers and being diligent when doing activities that could result in injury will also decrease accident threats. However, inevitably you will be involved in an accident at many points in your life. Whether in your home, out in public or in your car; you should acknowledge that an accident could occur at any moment.

Being prepared for accidents could include having a travel first aid kit to tend to injuries, a charged phone to call for help, and being knowledgeable about your location to get to the nearest hospital if necessary.

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