Health Related Threats

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In the recent post-pandemic era, Coronavirus seems to be the most well-known health threat. The pandemic awakened many people to the concept of prepping and introduced a global threat highlighting the fragility of our existence. However, it is not the only health related threat we need to be prepared for.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a respirator keeps the contagion away"

Health Related Threats


The list of health-related threats decreases through prevention by living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and physical activity. However, there are many ailments that humans suffer from that are outside of our control. You need to consider any ailments you or your family have that may need to be tended to in an emergency situation. In order to protect our families, we need to consider their physical and mental health to keep both in a healthy state.

Survival situations with individuals that have special needs, making travel dangerous or eliminating it as an option completely can be much more challenging. Relocation is part of the plan for many survival scenarios and when that option is hindered by physical or mental ailments, the strategy changes.

Everyone gets sick, but what if you get real sick? What if you couldn't work? Financial planning is essential to preparing for known and unknown health threats that could impact your daily life.

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