Knowing how to attack, when to attack, preventing attacks, and how to protect yourself against an attack are all important to survival and the prepper life.

Attacks can come from different angles, in public, in your home and online.

The best ways to be prepared for a personal assault is knowing self-defense and having access to a weapon. Surviving a physical attack can depend on how quickly you can escape or defend yourself.

Homeland Security works to protect the United States against terrorist attacks & secure the borders, but being prepared for an attack from foreign invaders is also a practice of higher level preppers.

Cyber criminals are also on the attack, working to integrate systems, obtain confidential information, steal identities and disrupt infrastructures.

Learn more about the different types of attacks to be prepared for and how to survive.

Holiday Anti-Theft Measures

November 30, 2021
Tis the Season... for Burglars! The end of year holiday season brings increased reports of home break-ins and theft. Learn what you can do to decrease the chances of it happening to you.
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Iran Retaliation Threat

January 5, 2020
On Jan 2nd, Trump ordered an airstrike targeting and killing Major General Qasem Soleimani of Iran. A military drone destroyed the vehicle Qasam was travelling in as he and Iran-backed militia members were leaving the Baghdad airport.
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Good 'Ol Trusty Knife

June 24, 2016
America is the land of the gun. Our heroes, from the iconic cowboy, to the Prohibition-era G-man, to the modern-day action hero are defined by their guns. However, while the gun is certainly a loud and boastful tool, it lacks the utility of the knife.
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What it Means to be a Gray Man

June 21, 2022
In life, you're told to stand out from the crowd, but in a SHTF scenario, that's the last thing you want to do. Instead you want to blend-in and be unnoticed.
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