There are many preparedness subjects to discuss and many different situations to be prepared for. We may not cover them all, but we try.


Being prepared for the impacts of artificial intelligence involves understanding potential risks, threats and dangers that AI may present in the future.

Animal Bite

Protecting yourself from animal bites, identifying venomous animals and obtaining proper medical care after a bite from animal are essential skills for a prepper.


Anonymity is not only important for internet security, it can also be used as a defensive maneuver when caught in a crowd during a survival situation.


Knowing how to attack, when to attack, preventing attacks, and how to protect yourself against an attack are all important to survival and the prepper life.


In a crisis scenario when supplies are low and your preparations are limited, bartering can be a valuable method of obtaining the means for survival.


Camouflage is a great way to hide from threats or to disguise yourself while hunting. Learn about camouflage supplies and skills for survival.


Camping can be a fun family activity and a survival necessity. Being prepared to camp in order to survive in a crisis is a valuable survival skill.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous, colorless, and odorless gas that is the cause of at least 430 deaths a year in the U.S.


Chicory is a rather useful plant, although many ley-men regard it as a weed. Chicory roots, leaves, and flowers are all beneficial in more ways than one. The entire plant is food in one form or another.

Civil War

Civil Wars take place when the citizens of the same country wage war against each other. Political division in the U.S. has recently increased concerns about a future civil war amongst Americans.


There is a level of fragility to our economy and economic distress or collapse can have adverse effects on our society. Learn how to be prepared for economic changes.


An estimated 10 comets cross earths orbit year, resulting in about 500 meteorites striking the earth. Learn more about the impact a comet could have on our planet and how to be prepared to survive a direct hit.


Covid was a global pandemic that awoke many people to the reality that our existence is fragile and real threats exist that should be prepared for. Surviving the Covid pandemic changed the world and increased the number of "Preppers".


A dugout is a type of dwelling, shelter, or other structure that is created by digging a hole or depression into the ground and can be used in survival situations.


EDC means Every Day Carry. EDC refers to the bag and supplies a prepper carries daily when they leave their home. These items ensure your survival during an emergency or crisis.


The economy changes based on multiple factors; sometimes on a national or global scale, sometimes on a personal level. Preparing for changes in the economic climate is essential to protecting your family and surviving economic distress.


Electricity is the basis of modern living; providing immense value like: light, power, water services, and more. When disaster strikes electricity can be lost or be the cause of more damage or danger.


Keep your financial situation protected and prepare for economy changes to survive economic distress or collapse.


Firearms are one of the most powerful weapons for protecting yourself, your family and your property; but in the hands of the wrong individuals become a threat to survival.

First Aid

Knowing how to administer first aid could save a life. Having first aid supplies on hand during an emergency could be critical to survival.

Food Preservation

Preppers prioritize food preservation through canning, dehydration, and freezing to ensure long-lasting and nutritious supplies for emergencies.


Gardening is vital when it comes to sustaining a family's food source in a disaster scenario. Growing herbs, fruits, and veggies will help provide food, medicine, and more.

Gray Man

A gray man is the most undetectable, inconspicuous, and ordinary-looking individual in any setting. He/she blends into the environment and has mastered the art of hiding in plain sight.


Guns are one of the most powerful weapons for protecting yourself, your family and your property; but in the hands of the wrong individuals become a threat to survival.

Internet Security

While the internet is one of the most influential inventions in the history of mankind, there are pros and cons to everything. Understanding how to use the internet safely can help you protect your information and assets.


Knives are the ultimate versatile tool that can be used for utilitarian purposes and defense. A Knife is essential to almost every survival scenario and should be included in every kit and emergency bag.


Simple shelters like a Lean-To will provide enough coverage for some survival situations, providing protection from the elements and serve as camouflage.

Mental Health

During a disaster or crisis our mental health is impacted, but in order to survive and support our families, we need to maintain good mental health in order to make the best decisions.

Military Defense System

The United States military boasts some of the most advanced defense systems in the world, designed to protect the nation and its allies from a wide range of threats.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen every day. Depending on the part of the world you live in, your region may be more prone to certain natural disasters than others. Learn how to prepare and survive a natural disaster.


Staying up to date on the news is vital, especially during an active disaster scenario. Catching the 'breaking news' can make all the difference in how you react to the situation.

Nuclear Warfare

Nuclear warfare poses a catastrophic threat to humanity due to its potential for mass destruction, loss of life, and long-lasting environmental impact.


Phishing is a tactic cybercriminals use to steal your identity or gain access to your systems and accounts. Learn how to protect yourself.

Planetary Defense

Planetary defense systems are in place to warn us of cosmic disasters and mitigate their impact to protect our planet and the survival of our species.


Rainwater is a natural source of water that can be used for survival and sustainability when supplies are low if collected and filtered properly.


Surviving when food supplies are limited can require knowledge of some interesting recipes to make use of the food supplies that are available.


Sewing skills can come in handy in survival situations. A sewing kit is an essential part of an emergency preparedness bag.

Snow Storm

Strong snow storms can be life threatening, especially when power outages occur and supplies become limited or hard to obtain. Learn how to be better prepared for snow storms and survive when they become threats.

Solar Flare

Solar flares happen relatively often. Most are so minor they are not concerning, but larger ones can affect the earth's electromagnetic field, causing interruptions in power and increasing the UV Index and radiation levels.


Tape is a versatile supply that should be included most survival kits or bags. It can seal holes, mend breaks, and join items. The uses are almost endless.


A twister (or tornado) is one of nature's most devastating disasters and proper preparedness is the key to surviving and protecting your family from this threat.


Water is one of the basic necessities of life. Without water you can only survive for about 3 days. Finding and purifying water for drinking and cooking are always among the first things to do in a survival situation.


Wildfires ravage the earth every year. Some areas are more prone to wildfires. Learn which areas are the most dangerous, how to prevent a wildfire and how to be prepared to survive if you encounter one.

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There are many preparedness subjects to discuss and many different situations to be prepared for. We may not cover them all, but we try.


While Prepper Life® strives to produce valuable content for the prepper community, sometimes we source related content from other sources to better help inform our readers.


When danger presents itself, sometimes the best action is to take cover. Learn how to take or make cover in survival scenarios


Crisis, disaster, emergency or a survival situation can occur in many different ways at any time. Learn how to be prepared and survive when SHTF.


Depending on the circumstances a crowd can be a dangerous place or serve as safety against an active threat or survival situation.


Cyclones are violent spiraling storms similar to a Typhoon or Hurricane and can cause serious property damage and be life threatening. Learn where these disasters occur and how to be prepared to survive when they hit.


Evacuation or bugging out might be the best move when disaster strikes or a threat is imminent. Learn when and how to evacuate and how to be prepared for evacuation.


When food, water and medical supplies are low in a survival situation, exploring my be necessary to locate more resources or scouting for threats.


Fish can be a survivalist favorite source of protein for surviving outdoors, camping or when food supplies run low.


If you are looking to survive long term or be prepared to handle emergency situations, maintaining your Fitness is essential. Can you run for your life, hike or cut timber? If not you need to focus on improving your fitness.


When flooding occurs is can happen quickly, and the right preparations can help you survive the flood and save your property and belongings.


When you, your family or your supplies are threatened, fortification can be your best form of protection. Learn how to Fortify your property and protect what belongs to you.

Getting Home

When you are away from home when an emergency or catastrophe occurs, getting home may be challenging. Depending on how far you have travelled, the challenge of getting home could likely depend on how well you have prepared.

Hazards & Dangers

The ability to identity hazards is the best way to prepare yourself for hazardous circumstances and protect your family from danger.

Helpful Plants

Some plants have many helpful qualities for providing nourishment in a pinch or to be used for medicinal purposes in a survival situation.

Home Defense

Home defense is a good practice to keep your family and property safe from criminals, but protecting your home during a crisis or when SHTF may require another level of fortification and preparedness.

House Fire

An average of over 340,000 house fires occur annually in the U.S. resulting in more than 2500 deaths. Learn how to prevent house fires and protect your family from this threat.


Illness can be caused by the common cold or flu, by disease or pandemics, or from cuts and the consumption of bad food & water. In a survival situation it is important to be prepared for illness and know how to avoid it.


Becoming a Prepper is a journey and Prepper Life® has documented the process to help others become more prepared and survive disasters.

Lead Poison

Locations At Risk

Some locations are more susceptible to certain types of disasters than others. Find out which locations should be more prepared to survive disasters.


When SHTF and resources are low, desperation introduces a new threat. Marauders are raiders that will be looking to take your supplies when theirs run out.

Meteor Shower

Meteor showers are considered one of the 12 natural disasters and some of them occur annually as the earth passes through comet debris.


When food supplies are low, nourishment can be challenging making skills like foraging and cooking with natural ingredients necessary for survival.


Outbreaks, epidemics & pandemics are a more recognized reality in our current culture. Learn how to prepare for these disasters, protect your family and survive.

Outdoor Supplies

Surviving outdoors without the right supplies can be challenging or even deadly. We discuss and review the best outdoor supplies for survival.

Physical Health

Physical Health and long-term survival go hand in hand. In a survival situation good physical health is imperative for collecting supplies, building shelter, self defense and more.


Prepper Life® is a source for preparedness information for those who want to be more prepared for survival when disaster strikes.

Product Review

Prepper Life reviews of the most useful survival supplies for a SHTF, bugout or hunker down situation along with supplies for long term sustainable living.


There are some very handy products that have been created for disaster survival and long term survival preparation. Here are some of the product we have found and recommend.


There are many threats that individuals and families need protection from. Learn more about these threats and how to prepare protection for survival.


Purification of collected water is vital to your health. When there is a shortage of water and it is collected naturally, it is essential to purify it before consumption.


Your family's safety is your number one priority and preparedness is how you keep them safe in dangerous and survival situations.


Hopefully your survival supplies will outlast the disaster or crisis you are surviving through, but if not, you may need to scout for additional supplies or to evaluate threats to your fortification.

Self Care

In an emergency situation or disaster scenario it is easy to get focused on helping your family and others. It is important to also focus on self care and your own mental health.


Mass shootings are a real threat in the U.S. and it is important to understand how to survive an active shooter situation and protect yourself.


Storage of survival supplies for emergency preparedness requires the right space, rotation practices and security.


Survival is a natural instinct, but true survival comes from being prepared for different emergencies, disasters, threats and crisis.

Survival Kit

A survival kit is a bag or collection of supplies used for emergency situations and disaster scenarios typically included in an EDC or get home bag.

Survival Vehicle

A survival vehicle is not just transportation from point A to point B, it is a well-equipped vehicle that can be used travel the paths less taken, store supplies and serve as shelter.


Sustainable living is the practice of generating your own food, water and power supply for long term survival without the dependencies that will be in short supply in a crisis situation.


Theft is the most common crime, and theft cases rise in times of unrest or crisis. Learn how to protect your family, property and belongings from theft.


Violent crime rates have been on the rise for the past decade with a steep incline the last few years. Learn how to be prepared for violence and survive a violent crime.

Volcanic Eruption

A Volcanic Eruption occurs about 50-70 per year and those that live nearby or are travelling to an active volcano need to be prepared to survive when it occurs.


The threat of World War III looms over our heads as global geopolitical tensions rise and military conflicts escalate. The threat of WWIII is one of the most concerning dangers for preppers and supports the doomsday prepper mentality.