Camouflage is a great way to hide from threats or to disguise yourself while hunting. Learn about camouflage supplies and skills for survival.

Camouflage is a technique that helps to conceal an object or person, making it difficult to be seen in its environment. It is often used by the military to conceal vehicles, equipment, or personnel. Camouflage is also used by hunters to avoid detection from their prey. It can also be used to hide from threats or conceal belongings you do not want others to be aware of.

Holiday Anti-Theft Measures

November 30, 2021
Tis the Season... for Burglars! The end of year holiday season brings increased reports of home break-ins and theft. Learn what you can do to decrease the chances of it happening to you.
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What it Means to be a Gray Man

June 21, 2022
In life, you're told to stand out from the crowd, but in a SHTF scenario, that's the last thing you want to do. Instead you want to blend-in and be unnoticed.
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Crafting Survival Snow Shelters

January 4, 2024
Survival in winter demands mastery of three essentials: proper food & water, suitable clothing, and adequate shelter.
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Survival: Shelter

June 6, 2015
While you can survive a few nights out in the open during the warm summer months, it isn’t an option once the temperature begins to drop. Shelter generally means staying out of the elements, but it also includes the ability to stay warm and dry.
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