Hunting is a critical skill in many survival scenarios, providing individuals with the ability to procure food, obtain resources, and enhance their chances of survival in the wilderness. By mastering hunting skills, individuals can source protein-rich foods from wild game, such as deer, rabbits, or birds, to supplement their diet and meet their nutritional needs in challenging environments. Hunting also enables individuals to utilize animal hides, bones, and other parts for crafting tools, clothing, and shelter, enhancing their self-sufficiency and resourcefulness in survival situations.

The proficiency in hunting not only increases one's ability to provide food for themselves but also for their families during times of scarcity or emergencies. By honing hunting skills such as tracking, stalking, and marksmanship, individuals can improve their success rate in securing game for sustenance. The knowledge of local wildlife behavior, habitats, and hunting techniques equips individuals with the strategic advantage needed to effectively hunt and harvest animals for food, ensuring a sustainable supply of protein and nutrients for their loved ones.

Hunting fosters a deeper connection to nature and enhances one's understanding of ecosystems, wildlife conservation, and the principles of ethical hunting practices. By respecting wildlife populations, adhering to hunting regulations, and practicing sustainable hunting methods, individuals can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity while meeting their survival needs. Hunting skills not only serve as a means of survival but also as a pathway to fostering a sense of stewardship for the environment and a commitment to responsible resource utilization in times of need.

Understanding Food Shortages and How to Prepare

January 1, 2024
Food shortages are a global issue that can occur due to various factors such as natural disasters, political instability, economic crises, and pandemics.
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Survival: Shelter

June 6, 2015
While you can survive a few nights out in the open during the warm summer months, it isn’t an option once the temperature begins to drop. Shelter generally means staying out of the elements, but it also includes the ability to stay warm and dry.
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Replantable Fruits and Vegetables

February 1, 2017
When you have no electricity, your canned food supply has run out and the grocery store shelves have been emptied; having a garden could save a starving stomach. Knowing how to start this life saving garden would be the first step.
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Preparing for Economic Collapse

January 10, 2023
Economic distress comes and goes, some bouts are felt harder than others. However, no matter the number of experiences one has with it, just hearing the word "recession" or "economic collapse" can cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.
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Survival Uses for Tarps

August 29, 2022
A tarp performs a multitude of functions. It primarily functions to protect from rain, sunlight, and other elements. Tarps can also become a fundamental part of your survival supplies, in which case it can be referred to as a survival tarp.
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Firearm Safety

August 14, 2022
While owning a firearm could be incredibly useful for the safety of you and your family, access to such powerful weapons come with some responsibility. Guns are powerful weapons and whether loaded or not loaded, you are expected to handle it safely.
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Extended Power Outages

August 13, 2022
A natural disaster, an emp, or residents overloading the grid is enough to cause a power outage. The level of severity of the power outage can vary. That's why no matter where you reside, knowing what causes a power outage and how to be prepared for it can help you and your family be one step ahead of the situation.
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No Water Challenge - 1 Day

June 23, 2021
Water is such a basic resource that to picture life without running water is a nightmare come true. However, one of the signs of a full-blooded survivalist is to be able to maneuver your way out of any situation you find yourself, no matter how nightmarish it may seem.
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No Power Challenge - 1 Day

March 24, 2016
By turning off your power for one day, you will quickly learn that your survival supplies checklist is missing some items. Disaster preparedness requires research, gathering emergency supplies and practicing survival skills.
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Spiders: Understanding, Identifying, and Staying Safe

February 17, 2024
Spiders are fascinating creatures that can be found almost anywhere on our planet. While many people fear spiders, understanding them can help alleviate anxieties and ensure safety.
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