When danger presents itself, sometimes the best action is to take cover. Learn how to take or make cover in survival scenarios

To take cover means to seek shelter or protection from danger. It can also mean to hide or to conceal oneself. There are many ways to take cover including:

1. Duck and cover behind a large object such as a desk or heavy appliance.

2. Lie on the floor and use a sturdy object as a shield.

3. Crawl into a small space such as a closet, under a bed, or behind a couch.

4. Take cover behind a wall or other solid barrier.

5. Get behind a large tree or other heavy object.

6. Use a mattress or cushion to protect your body from flying debris.

7. Hide in the bathtub and cover yourself with a mattress or thick blanket.

8. Seek shelter in an interior room, preferably one without windows.

9. Stay away from windows and glass doors.

10. Move to the lowest level of a building away from exterior walls.

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