There are many preparedness topics to cover and so many situations to be prepared for. At times it can be overwhelming but take one topic at a time and focus on being as prepared as possible for what is most important to your family's safety and survival.


Family comes first. Family is the point! Prepper Life® is about maintaining a preparedness mentality while keeping focus on the reason it is important; keeping our family safe. Working together as a family to become prepared is the best way to live the Prepper Life.

Challenges & Drills

Making a list of supplies & obtaining them is a great way to become prepared, but everyone's situations are unique. Completing challenges and drills will identify the holes in your preparation.


We depend on technology grids for daily communication, but what happens when those grids are down? Learn other ways to communicate.


Our economy is fragile and there are many factors that can impact it. From a global economy to your personal financial situation, there are steps you can take to be more prepared for change.


To be prepared, is to be healthy. To survive you need to be healthy. Learn how focusing on your Health is an essential ingredient in living the Prepper Life.

Mental Health

Keeping your head in an emergency scenario or crisis is extremely important for handling the situation and maintaining your family's sanity.


The origin of Prepper Life® begin with one suburbanite's desire to become a more prepared person. The sharing of this information has evolved into a community.


We are more vulnerable to emergency situations while travelling. Before you travel make sure you are prepared to survive crisis situations.


A bug out vehicle, is not just mode of transportation. It is a essential to survival in a SHTF scenario. Check out these bug out vehicles.


Preparation (Prepping) is the key to handling and surviving any emergency situation. Being prepared is a combination of foresight, ample supplies and knowledge & skills.


Prepared is something everyone should be. If you are just starting your preparedness journey begin with these basics.

Cosmic Disasters

Although rare, cosmic disasters like geo-magnetic storms do occur and can impact our way of life. While unpreventable, we can be more prepared for these situations.


Emergencies happen every day. Being prepared and for emergency situations increases your chances of surviving the emergency.

Man Made Disasters

Not all disasters are caused by mother nature. Man is also responsible for life impacting disasters. Learn about these potential disasters and how to be prepared.

Natural Disasters

Mother nature can change our reality in the blink of an eye. Learn how to be more prepared for natural disasters like Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and more.


Prevention is achieved through preparation. Preventing an emergency reduces the need to survive one. Learn emergency prevention skills.


In a survival situation, protecting yourself, your family and your resources is paramount. Be prepared to protect yourself if SHTF.


In a survival situation, protecting yourself, your family and your resources is paramount. Be prepared to protect yourself if SHTF.


Dangers and threats are a part of life and criminals are a part of our society. Preparing the right defenses can protect you, your family and your property against growing threats.


Identity theft is a threat everyone should protect themselves from. Learn how to avoid being the victim of hackers, cybercriminals and identity thief.


Protecting your home, family and belongings requires security and defenses. Create peace of mind by adding security and knowing when a threat is present.

Self Defense

Self-defense skills are essential for survival when your life is being threaten or you or your family are being attacked. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Weapons are essential to survival. In a survival situation the right weapon could be difference between life and death.


Surviving any disaster or unforeseen circumstance heavily relies on knowledge and preparedness. When you are armed with the knowledge of how to survive and prepared with the proper supplies, your survival rate will increase dramatically.


Fishing is one of the best ways to sustain you in a SHTF scenario. High in fats and omega's to keep your energy up and keep some meat on your bones.


Foraging is the valuable survival skill of collecting food, especially berries, mushrooms and other vegetation that grow in the wild.


Shelter is one of the triangles of life, but in a situation where your shelter is threatened, fortification will help you keep your shelter and family protected.


Hunting is both a survival and sustainable technique each prepper should learn. Whether for protection or food, or both; hunting is a valuable asset for survivalists.


Medical emergencies can occur at any time. In survival situations it is important to be prepared and know how to act when medical professionals and facilities are not an option.


Shelter is part of the triangle of life. While not as critical as food and water, it is essential to sustain. In a crisis situation, finding shelter could be imperative to survival.


To sustain you need to accommodate the triangle of life and be able to obtain or produce food, water and shelter. Living sustainably through natural food and energy production will make you more prepared for a crisis.


The act of harvesting food and water is essential to living a sustainable life. Learn food and water harvesting skills to be more prepared.


While food purchased from the grocery store is our primary form of nourishment, it is not the only option. In survival situations nourishment may need to be gained in different ways.


Food can preserved by canning, drying, salting, and more. Life can be preserved by being prepared and having sustainability skills.


Food production is an essential part of living sustainably. Learn about how to produce food in a sustainable way.


Purifying water is common practice even for tap water these days, but is essentials to sustainable water collection and consumption.


The power of the sun is essential to life on this planet but can also be a destructive force. Prepper Life® cover topics from surviving solar flares to leveraging solar power for sustainability.


Natural, man made, cosmic, major, minor, purposeful, or accidental; disasters happen all over the world, every day. Prepper Life® is all about helping likeminded people find reliable information to help them and their families survive even the most devastating of disasters.


Blizzards can change the landscape and living conditions rapidly. A lack of preparation can put your health and life at risk. Learn the skills to survive a Blizzard.


Droughts present a significant challenge due to their widespread impact on water availability, agriculture, wildfires and overall survival.


Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) pose a severe danger that preppers take seriously due to their potential to disrupt and damage electronic devices on a massive scale.


Earthquakes are reoccurring natural disasters that cause destruction to property and can be life threatening. Being prepared for an earthquake will increase your chances of survival.


While fire is an essential part of our civilization, it is also a danger. From house fires to wildfires this threat is something everyone should be prepared for.


Floods are reoccurring natural disasters that cause destruction to property and can be life threatening. Being prepared for a flood will increase your chances of survival.


Hurricanes are reoccurring natural disasters that cause destruction to property and can be life threatening. Being prepared for a hurricane will increase your chances of survival.

Mass Shootings

Mass shooting have been on the rise over the last couple of decades. These events catch people off guard; learn how to keep your guard up and survive an active shooter.

Oil Spill

Oil spills are man made disasters. Most common are pumping mishaps or ships carrying oil get in a wreck, causing the oil to spill out into the ocean and onto our shores.


Pandemic is no longer a term we use when discussing history or referencing a sci-fi movie; it is a current reality of our society. Learn how to be more prepared for a pandemic.


Tornadoes are reoccurring natural disasters that cause destruction to property and can be life threatening. Being prepared for a tornado will increase your chances of survival.


Volcanoes are reoccurring natural disasters that cause destruction to property and can be life threatening. Being prepared for a volcanic eruption will increase your chances of survival.


Civilians tend to think of war as something that for soldiers to handle in a foreign land; but what if war happened on our soil or a foreign war impacted our existence? Are you prepared?