There are many preparedness topics to cover and so many situations to be prepared for. At times it can be overwhelming but take one topic at a time and focus on being as prepared as possible for what is most important to your family's safety and survival.


Family is the point! Prepper Life® is about maintaining a preparedness mentality while keeping focus on the reason it is important; keeping our family safe. Working together as a family to become prepared is the best way to live the Prepper Life.


We depend on technology grids for daily communication, but what happens when those grids are down? Learn other ways to communicate.


Our economy is fragile and there are many factors that can impact it. From a global economy to your personal financial situation, there are steps you can take to be more prepared for change.


To be prepared, is to be healthy. To survive you need to be healthy. Learn how focusing on your Health is an essential ingredient in living the Prepper Life.

Mental Health

Keeping your head in an emergency scenario or crisis is extremely important for handling the situation and maintaining your family's sanity.


The origin of Prepper Life® begin with one suburbanite's desire to become a more prepared person. The sharing of this information has evolved into a community.


We are more vulnerable to emergency situations while travelling. Before you travel make sure you are prepared to survive crisis situations.


A bug out vehicle, is not just mode of transportation. It is a essential to survival in a SHTF scenario. Check out these bug out vehicles.


Preparation (Prepping) is the key to handling and surviving any emergency situation. Being prepared is a combination of foresight, ample supplies and knowledge & skills.

Challenges & Drills

Making a list of supplies & obtaining them is a great way to become prepared, but everyone's situations are unique. Completing challenges and drills will identify the holes in your preparation.


In a survival situation, protecting yourself, your family and your resources is paramount. Be prepared to protect yourself if SHTF.


Dangers and threats are a part of life and criminals are a part of our society. Preparing the right defenses can protect you, your family and your property against growing threats.


Surviving any disaster or unforeseen circumstance heavily relies on knowledge and preparedness. When you are armed with the knowledge of how to survive and prepared with the proper supplies, your survival rate will increase dramatically.


Fishing is one of the best ways to sustain you in a SHTF scenario. High in fats and omega's to keep your energy up and keep some meat on your bones.


To sustain you need to accommodate the triangle of life and be able to obtain or produce food, water and shelter. Living sustainably through natural food and energy production will make you more prepared for a crisis.


The act of harvesting food and water is essential to living a sustainable life. Learn food and water harvesting skills to be more prepared.


Natural, man made, cosmic, major, minor, purposeful, or accidental; disasters happen all over the world, every day. Prepper Life® is all about helping likeminded people find reliable information to help them and their families survive even the most devastating of disasters.


Blizzards can change the landscape and living conditions rapidly. A lack of preparation can put your health and life at risk. Learn the skills to survive a Blizzard.


There are many dangers in the world and the threats seem to be growing. Here are some dangers that everyone should be aware of and prepared for.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks often go unnoticed until the threat is life threatening. Learn how to prevent, prepare for and survive a gas leak.