Preservation holds diverse meanings from a prepper's perspective, encompassing both the conservation of food for long-term storage and the imperative of self-preservation during times of crisis. In the context of food preservation, preppers focus on techniques such as canning, dehydrating, pickling, and vacuum sealing to extend the shelf life of perishable items and stockpile essential supplies for emergencies. By preserving food through proper storage methods and rotation practices, preppers ensure a sustainable source of nutrition that can sustain them through prolonged disruptions in food supply chains.

Beyond food preservation, preppers understand the importance of self-preservation as a core aspect of emergency preparedness. Self-preservation involves developing survival skills, situational awareness, and adaptability to effectively respond to threats, dangers, and uncertainties in crisis situations. By prioritizing personal safety, making informed decisions, and taking proactive measures to protect oneself and loved ones, preppers enhance their ability to navigate emergencies with resilience and resourcefulness.

The concept of preservation from a prepper's perspective extends beyond the physical realm to encompass mental preparedness, emotional well-being, and strategic planning for enduring challenges. By preserving mental clarity, emotional stability, and psychological resilience during times of crisis, preppers equip themselves with the mindset and skills needed to overcome adversity and maintain a sense of control amid chaos. The holistic approach to preservation that integrates food storage, self-defense, and mental fortitude reflects the comprehensive nature of prepping as a proactive strategy for safeguarding health, safety, and security in uncertain times.

Understanding Food Shortages and How to Prepare

January 1, 2024
Food shortages are a global issue that can occur due to various factors such as natural disasters, political instability, economic crises, and pandemics.
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Replantable Fruits and Vegetables

February 1, 2017
When you have no electricity, your canned food supply has run out and the grocery store shelves have been emptied; having a garden could save a starving stomach. Knowing how to start this life saving garden would be the first step.
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Chicory: The Versatile Plant

July 1, 2022
Chicory is a rather useful plant, although many ley-men regard it as a weed. Chicory roots, leaves, and flowers are all beneficial in more ways than one. The entire plant is food in one form or another. It's widespread growth, full use properties, and it's rich nutrients make for a one powerful plant. Chicory is a great alternate food source and comes in handy when supplemental nutrients are needed.
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Survival Gardening | Starting Out

October 8, 2020
Survival gardening refers to the practice of growing a garden designed specifically to yield enough crops for you and your family to live off. While survival gardening is a popular term thrown around amongst those preparing to survive a worldwide devastating incident, however, it also relates to those looking to live sustainably and produce their own food.
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Survival: Nourishment

December 7, 2015
Survival in a disaster situation will ultimately come down to finding safety and the procurement of food and water. In this article we discuss the basic tactics for obtaining nourishment for survival over the course of several or more days.
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