My entire life I have avoided the news. It is mostly depressing and a constant reminder of the decay of society. I typically live my life with a PMA, and avoiding the news helps do that.

But you can't just bury your head in the sand forever. Danger is all around us, disasters happen and the potential for crisis exists. So I started paying more attention. Doing so awoke a level of concern that had always been looming, but remained dormant as I lived life with my news blockers on. The awareness of threats and the understand of human fragility eventually sparked a journey towards preparedness.

The more I prepared, the more dangers I realized there are to prepare for. As I educated myself on the practice of being prepared and graduated to a 'Prepper', I found myself in some rabbit holes of conspiracy theories and propaganda. I quickly learned that many of the informational sites online delved into these realms or were completely catered to rural living. As I was not interested in joining a political movement and I live in the suburbs I had to research deeper to find preparedness information that was value to me and my family.

It was then I decided to start documenting my journey so I could help people through all phases of the prepping journey, as I trekked the path myself. In doing, so I could provide valuable advice for preppers at all levels and in different environments. More and more people have found reasons to become more prepared or sustainable and Prepper Life® was created to assist rural landowners to apartment dwellers and everyone in between without any political basis or opinion.

After Covid hit, the amount of people who understood the need for preparedness multiplied and we have made more effort to educate. Hopefully you find valuable information on our blog that helps you keep your family safe and protected. Good luck on your journey to preparedness and remember to keep a positive mental attitude. The goal is not to feel more overwhelmed by potential doom but have more confidence in your ability to handle uncomfortable situations.

Breaking the Prepper Stereotype

February 17, 2023
Preppers often get a bad rap. The perception of Preppers by many Americans is stereotypical and skewed. That perception needs to change, and more people need to be prepared.
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Basic Preparedness: Food

January 2, 2017
Among the three basic necessities of food, water, and power, food plays a significant role in ensuring our well-being during emergencies.
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Preparing to Become Prepared

March 10, 2015
Becoming a prepper is not just about buying some extra canned food every time you go to the store, it is a project, an ongoing lifestyle change.
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