First Aid

Knowing how to administer first aid could save a life. Having first aid supplies on hand during an emergency could be critical to survival.

The value of a first aid kit and first aid skills cannot be overstated. Having a first aid kit on hand can be invaluable in times of need. It can help to treat minor injuries and provide comfort to those in distress. First aid skills can also be lifesaving in emergency situations. Knowing how to assess a situation, administer first aid, and call for medical assistance can be the difference between life and death. In addition, having basic first aid skills can provide a sense of security and peace of mind in everyday life.

Prepping without Fear or Anxiety

August 16, 2021
The prepper life is never easy. While everyone else is living life with reckless abandon, you can’t afford that luxury. You are busy trying to remember all the ways to tie a rope, your evacuation plan, or save water in the case that some disaster is bound to happen.
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5 Tips for Surviving in an Increasingly Uncertain World

November 16, 2019
Humans dislike uncertainty in most situations, but some deal with it better than others. Numerous studies link high intolerance of uncertainty to anxiety and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, PTSD and eating disorders.
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Good 'Ol Trusty Knife

June 24, 2016
America is the land of the gun. Our heroes, from the iconic cowboy, to the Prohibition-era G-man, to the modern-day action hero are defined by their guns. However, while the gun is certainly a loud and boastful tool, it lacks the utility of the knife.
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Survival Uses for Plastic Wrap

July 8, 2023
Knowledge and materials are essential for preparedness. Plastic wrap is a low-cost material that many people overlook for survival considerations. You've likely fought your fair share of battles with plastic wrap when ripping a piece out of the box or attempting to cover a bowl of leftovers, but its stickiness is one of its most valuable advantages for survival.
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