When food, water and medical supplies are low in a survival situation, exploring my be necessary to locate more resources or scouting for threats.

Exploring is an invaluable process for learning about the world and ourselves. It encourages creativity, innovation, and problem solving, and can help us gain knowledge, foster our curiosity, and expand our understanding of the world. Exploring also helps us develop our social, emotional, and physical skills, and can provide entertainment, relaxation, and a sense of accomplishment.

GPS Devices: Uses, Features, and Benefits

February 29, 2024
GPS technology has revolutionized the way we navigate the world, providing us with precise location data at our fingertips.
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Decoding Winter Wildlife Behavior

February 3, 2024
Winter brings about significant changes in the behavior of wild game animals, making it crucial for preppers and survivalists to understand these patterns.
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The Family That Steps Together Preps Together

January 2, 2015
Preparing for a disaster or survival situation can be an overwhelming project for some families. Having the necessary food, clothing, shelter, water, and other survival needs set aside and portable for one or two adults is relatively easy. However, the ability to store and carry enough to provide for the needs of infants and young children is far more difficult.
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No Power Challenge - 1 Day

March 24, 2016
By turning off your power for one day, you will quickly learn that your survival supplies checklist is missing some items. Disaster preparedness requires research, gathering emergency supplies and practicing survival skills.
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