Electricity is the basis of modern living; providing immense value like: light, power, water services, and more. When disaster strikes electricity can be lost or be the cause of more damage or danger.

Electricity is essential for modern life, providing the power to run a huge range of appliances, devices, and systems. In the home, electricity powers lights, televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, and more. It is also used to heat and cool our homes, to provide hot water, and to power industrial machinery. In addition, electricity is used for communication through telephone and internet networks, powering medical equipment, and providing energy to factories and other businesses. In short, electricity is at the heart of modern living and is an integral part of everyday life.

Surviving Without Electricity

·        Use renewable energy sources like solar or wind power.

·        Make use of natural light during the day by opening windows and using candles and oil lamps at night.

·        Cook on a wood stove or an outdoor fire.

·        Use a manual ice box to keep food cold.

·        Purify your own water by boiling it or using filters.

·        Wash clothes and dishes by hand.

·        Use a hand-crank or solar phone charger for your phone and other electronics.

·        Utilizefire to keep warm and provide heat for daily activities.

·        Findways to entertain yourself without electricity, like board games, books, orcamping.

·        Take advantage of natural cooling techniques, like keeping your home in the shade or building a cooling shelter.

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January 4, 2017
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