Internet Security

While the internet is one of the most influential inventions in the history of mankind, there are pros and cons to everything. Understanding how to use the internet safely can help you protect your information and assets.

Internet security is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in today's world. The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it is important to understand the risks and how to protect ourselves from them.

In simple terms, internet security is the practice of protecting our online information from malicious actors, such as hackers, phishers, and malware. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and the use of anti-virus software.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from the threats of the internet. It is important to remember that the risks of the internet are real, and by taking the necessary steps to protect yourself, you can ensure that your information is safe.

Holiday Anti-Theft Measures

November 30, 2021
Tis the Season... for Burglars! The end of year holiday season brings increased reports of home break-ins and theft. Learn what you can do to decrease the chances of it happening to you.
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Pros and Cons of Using a Password Manager

April 4, 2023
People now have more passwords than ever, thanks to the evolution of technology and our reliance on all things electronic. Remembering the ever-expanding set of passwords has become nearly impossible. Therefore, the use of Password Managers is becoming a popular concept.
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Multi-Factor Authentication: What it is and How to Use it

July 5, 2023
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a multi-step digital authentication process which requires the user to provide two or more pieces of information – in addition to a password or pin – to gain access to online resources, such as your bank account or work applications as a way to reduce the likelihood of a data breach.
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Industrial Cyber Attacks: What to Know

July 7, 2023
As the internet grows and technology improves, industries have become increasingly reliant on them. Unfortunately, this has inadvertently led to increased threats of cyberattacks.
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