Tape is a versatile supply that should be included most survival kits or bags. It can seal holes, mend breaks, and join items. The uses are almost endless.

Tap can be a very versatile supply to have on hand for emergency situations.

Popular types of tape and their uses:

·        Duct Tape: Used for sealing, repairing, and reinforcing materials.

·        Electrical Tape: Used for insulating electrical wires and providing a waterproof seal.

·        Gaffer Tape: Used for protecting cables and other items.

·        Double-Sided Tape: Used for mounting items without the need for glue.

·        Vinyl Tape: Used for labeling and color-coding items.

·        Filament Tape: Used for heavy duty applications, such as bundling and strapping.

·        Cloth Tape: Used for sealing and repairing cloth, such as upholstery.

·        Reflective Tape: Used for safety purposes, such as marking hazardous surfaces or areas.

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