Economic Distress



Economic collapse or meltdown is a term typically used to refer to a range of unpleasant economic conditions. For instance, a high rate of unemployment over a period of time, high rate of bankruptcy, and so on.

Knowing the signs, the causes, and how to prepare are all essential in surviving an economic collapse comfortably and with all of your assets in tact.

The Signs:

  • Sovereign Debt Crisis
  • Decline in Currency Value
  • Job Hopping
  • Interest Rate Increases

The Causes:

  • Stagflation
  • Hyperinflation
  • Deflation
  • Asset Bubble Bursts
  • Post-War Stagnations


  • Review Your Current Financial Status
  • Stock Up Essential Supplies
  • Pay Off Debt
  • Evaluate Current Career Path
  • Padding Your Safety Net
  • Stay on Top of Your Finances

Previous Economic Disasters:

  • The Great Depression
  • The Dot-Com Bubble
  • The Financial Crisis
  • The Great Recession