A total solar eclipse will cross over Mexico, Texas, Vermont, Massachusetts and 13 other U.S. states today.

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Solar power is a prevalent topic of discussion within prepper circles, often considered a valuable resource for off-grid living and emergency preparedness. Many preppers recognize the benefits of harnessing solar energy as a sustainable and reliable power source, especially in scenarios where traditional electricity may be unavailable. Solar panels are commonly included in preppers' emergency kits or bug-out bags to ensure access to essential electrical devices and lighting during extended power outages or survival situations. The versatility and portability of solar-powered devices make them popular among preppers seeking self-sufficiency and resilience in times of crisis.

While solar power offers numerous advantages for preppers, discussions within prepper circles also acknowledge potential dangers associated with solar exposure. Overexposure to sunlight can lead to sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related illnesses, particularly in outdoor settings or during emergencies where access to shade or cooling facilities may be limited. Preppers emphasize the importance of sun protection measures, such as wearing appropriate clothing, using sunscreen, staying hydrated, and seeking shade during peak sun hours to prevent adverse health effects from prolonged solar exposure. Understanding the risks of solar dangers and taking proactive steps to mitigate them are essential aspects of prepper discussions on solar considerations.

In addition to harnessing solar power and addressing solar dangers, prepper circles also explore innovative ways to maximize the benefits of solar energy for sustainable living and disaster preparedness. Discussions often revolve around integrating solar technologies into off-grid homesteads, portable solar generators for powering essential equipment, and solar water purification systems for ensuring access to clean drinking water in emergencies. Preppers exchange ideas on optimizing solar efficiency, storage solutions for surplus energy, and strategies for maintaining solar equipment for long-term reliability. By sharing knowledge and experiences related to solar applications in prepping scenarios, individuals in prepper circles aim to enhance their self-reliance, environmental sustainability, and overall preparedness for unforeseen challenges.

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Solar Cycle 25: What You Need to Know About Solar Activity

November 22, 2023
In unraveling the mysteries of solar flares and exploring the recent sunspot activity, you can better understand the risks associated with coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and discovering how to prepare for these celestial phenomena.

How to be Prepared for a Solar Flare

August 16, 2022
Most people are not aware of when a Solar Flare occurs. The standard solar flare is not seen by the unaided eye of humans, nor is it smart to look at the sun anyways. Despite this, they do happen. Us being on earth and within our atmosphere are generally protected from any harm a Solar Flare can cause. However, other things like power and electronics, may not escape damage.