The Tesla Cybertruck was recently showcased. Typically Tesla only comes to mind in SHTF scenarios because they are electric cars. The new Cybertruck however, checks a few more boxes when being considered as a bug out vehicle.

Armored Body

Made of stainless steel alloy and able to withstand hits from a sledgehammer without damage this vehicle has a solid body for dangerous situations. The 30x cold-rolled steel alloy used for the exoskeleton construction is made from the same metal used for the SpaceX rockets. Tesla claims the body can withstand some types of small arms fire such as 9mm handguns. Tesla claims that the armor glass windows were unbreakable, however during a demonstration they did in fact break. The metal balls thrown at the windows did not penetrate the window, but did significantly crack the glass.

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Towing & Power

With towing capabilities up to 14,000 pounds it beat the F-150 in a tug of war contest. The truck can carry 3500 pounds enabling easy transport (and charging) of an ATV in the bed, which Tesla conveniently created as well. The bed has a roll down cover and a built in ramp in the tailgate. In regards to speed the Cybertruck can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and clock an 11 second quarter-mile.

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The ride height of the truck can be adjusted using an air suspension system for highway or off-road travels. Providing a 16 inch ground clearance, a 35 degree approach angle and a 28 degree departure angle.

Battery Life

At the low end it can travel approximately 250+ miles on a single charge, while the high end version is 500+ miles.

Camping Mode

While not present in the unveiling, Tesla states that a camper mode is coming. Based on the illustrations it will include a pop-up tent, a pull-out kitchen and countertop. The truck also includes lockable storage spaces.

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Starting at $39,900 for the base model and going up to $69.900 for the “tri-motor” all-wheel-drive edition.

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