In a world filled with uncertainties, being prepared for any situation is key. For those who value self-sufficiency and adventure, the EarthRoamer emerges as one of the ultimate off-pavement, off-grid vehicles.

More than just a mode of transportation, EarthRoamers are packed with features designed to navigate remote terrains and provide a self-sufficient haven in times of need. Understand the essential features of EarthRoamers, why they are a crucial investment for both preppers and survivalists, and how they ensure they stay one step ahead in any unforeseen circumstance.

Why the EarthRoamer Matters

At the core of their importance is the role EarthRoamers play in providing individuals with a distinct advantage in preparation and survival. In a world where unforeseen disasters can disrupt the fabric of everyday life, these vehicles stand as fortresses on wheels, offering a mobile sanctuary for those with a penchant for survivalism and preparedness.

When SHTF, and conventional means of shelter and transportation falter, EarthRoamers emerge as steadfast companions, capable of whisking their occupants away from danger and into the security of nature's embrace.

Moreover, EarthRoamers redefine the concept of exploration and adventure. They empower individuals to break free from the constraints of traditional travel, encouraging a spirit of discovery that extends beyond the beaten path.

In essence, EarthRoamers represent a commitment to autonomy, resilience, and the audacity to embrace the unknown. They embody the spirit of self-reliance, providing a tangible means for individuals to navigate the complexities of an unpredictable world with confidence.

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6 Key Features of the EarthRoamers

EarthRoamers transcend the realm of ordinary vehicles. These remarkable machines represent the pinnacle of off-road capability and self-reliance, embodying a philosophy that goes beyond mere transportation. The decision to invest in an EarthRoamer grants access to untamed expanses of remote landscapes and the resilience needed to endure prolonged periods away from established infrastructure. Their hefty price tag is not for everyone as the base price of a new SX is $1,045,000, however many of the features here can be found in alternate or competitive vehicles. Additionally, EarthRoamer offers preroamed (a.k.a preowned) versions at considerably discounted prices.

~1. Off-Pavement and Off-Grid Capability

~EarthRoamers are engineered for the rugged paths less traveled. With 4WD, 43” tires, and air ride suspension, these vehicles conquer terrains that conventional vehicles can only dream of navigating. Their off-grid capability ensures that adventurers can venture far from civilization, providing the freedom to explore untamed landscapes and survive in the wild.

~2. Powerful and Efficient Turbo Diesel Engine

~At the heart of every EarthRoamer is a turbo diesel engine, a powerful and efficient force that propels these vehicles through diverse landscapes. This engine not only ensures reliability but also maximizes fuel efficiency, a critical factor for long journeys where traditional refueling options may be scarce.

~3. Four-Season Capability

~EarthRoamers are built to endure the harshest elements. Whether you're facing scorching heat, freezing cold, or heavy rainfall, these vehicles offer a comfortable living space. The four-season capability ensures that survivalists can rely on their EarthRoamer as a year-round shelter, providing safety and comfort in all weather conditions.

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~4. Self-Sufficiency

~Perhaps the most distinctive feature is the EarthRoamer's self-sufficiency. With an 18,000-watt hour Lithium-Ion battery bank, a 1600w solar array, and auto-charging capabilities, these vehicles generate and store power efficiently. Additionally, EarthRoamers eliminate the need for propane or generators, streamlining maintenance and reducing reliance on external resources.

~5. Ample Resources on Board

~EarthRoamers boast a 100-gallon fuel tank and a 120-gallon freshwater tank, providing a significant advantage in resource autonomy. This large capacity reduces the frequency of refueling and refilling water supplies, allowing survivalists to focus on their journey rather than constant resupply efforts.

~6. Off-Road Lighting:

~Navigating off-road trails, especially during the night, demands superior visibility. EarthRoamers address this with specialized off-road lighting, enhancing safety and ensuring that adventurers can confidently travel through the darkness.

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A Few Things to Consider

Aside from the SX’s million-dollar price tag and a 7-12 month waiting list for a customized build (with a $50,000 deposit), there are several things to take into consideration if in the market for an EarthRoamer:

  • Gas Mileage - depending on the model, EarthRoamer tanks hold between 95-115 gallons with ranges topping out at 8-14 mpg. Mileage and gas access needs to be considered when anticipating usability of a survival vehicle.
  • Size for Living Space - the capacity to comfortably house people in an EarthRoamer is 2-4 people, depending on the floor plan.
  • Height of Vehicle - topping out at 11ft 10in, the EarthRoamer is not made for low clearances like garages, carports, or many other parking structures and drive-thrus.