Casual Prepper

The casual prepper is more of your garden variety. These individuals understand the need for preparedness and are continually evolving their definition of prepared.

Casual preppers can include people that live in the city, suburbs or rurally. They prepare for common emergencies, unforeseen accidents and a set of possible threats in their environment. When on foot, this individual is usually in possession of a survival bag; and when shopping, usually stocks up. These preppers understand the dangers that call for preparation and incorporate preparedness into their lives in a healthy way, making it enough of a priority that they can sleep at night, but not letting it impact living and enjoying time with the family they are looking to protect.

Casual preppers make up the majority of our readership and are the most common type of prepper. Casual preppers learn enough about preparedness to establish the definition of adequately prepared, form prepping habits and learning essential skills for the more likely emergency situations. Many casual preppers understand that "fully prepared" is an endless endeavor and elect to find a happy balance where preparedness gives them enough of a sense of security to be satisfied that they are prepared.

More advanced preppers may judge the level of preparedness that casual preppers are satisfied with, however, if you ask any advanced prepper if they are prepared, the answer is almost always "not fully". So, while some casual preppers might start to struggle after 3-5 days, only major catastrophe scenarios play out longer than that, so it becomes a satisfactory state of preparedness.