A survivalist is an advanced prepper who is prepared for the majority of threats and potential dangers. This person lives a preparedness lifestyle and is trained for survival situations.

A survivalist is an individual who is highly skilled in various survival techniques and is prepared to navigate and endure challenging circumstances and environments. Survivalists prioritize self-sufficiency, adaptability, and resilience in the face of emergencies or disasters. They possess a wide range of practical skills, including wilderness survival, first aid, navigation, shelter building, fire starting, foraging, hunting, and self-defense.

Survivalists often stockpile essential supplies such as food, water, medical provisions, and tools to sustain themselves for extended periods. They may also possess a diverse array of equipment and gear, including survival kits, camping gear, communication devices, and protective clothing. Survivalists focus on being able to handle unexpected situations with limited resources and are adept at improvising solutions to problems that may arise.

Many survivalists live rurally and practice homesteading and off-grid living. They are not only prepared, but they also possess survival skills and have the best chance of enduring tough times. This category of preppers includes many individuals that serve or have served in the military as well other tactically trained groups of first responders.