Articles written from the "Reporter" perspective are focused on providing factual news related to disasters, threats & dangers. Reporting news related to disasters keeps us reminded of the threats that are regularly occurring and should be prepared for.

News Sources

We make every attempt to share factual articles that don't lean towards political views. We don't write the news, we simply share relevant news on the topics we discuss. Everyone has their own opinions on the lean of particular news outlets, so to stay as bias-free as possible, we reference the AllSides Media Bias Chart for neutral sources. This list changes from time to and not all outlets report the same news, so some reported news may be from a leaning source from time to time, but that doesn't not mean we endorse the outlet in any way, it simply means we think our readers would be interested in the shared story.

"My favorite news source is AP News, as they tend to deliver partisan, fact based news"

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