House Fires



Most house fires are accidental. The world sees an increase in house fires during the fall and winter months, most commonly between October to February, with December and January being the peak months.

The most common causes of a house fire include:

·        Cooking - Unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires.

·        Heating - Unsafe or faulty heating systems or appliances can be a source of fire in the home.

·        Electrical - Faulty wiring or overloaded electrical outlets can lead to a fire.

·        Smoking - Smoking materials that are not properly extinguished can start a fire.

·        Candles - Candles are a common cause of housefires when left unattended or placed too close to combustible items.

·        Children - Unsupervised children playing with matches or lighters can start a fire.

·        Natural Disasters - Wildfires and other natural disasters can spread to homes, leading to a fire.

·        Faulty Appliances - Malfunctioning appliances can cause a fire.

The best supplies to have on hand or installed to detect and face a house fire include:

·        Fire extinguishers

·        Smoke detectors

·        Carbon monoxide detectors

·        Fire blankets

·        Fire escape ladders

·        Emergency Exit Plans

·        Flashlights

·        Fireproof safe

·        Water buckets

·        Fire-resistant clothing