Power Outages


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From common events like weather conditions or a down power line to rare events like solar flares or EMP the power can and will go out at some point. The question is; for how long, and are you prepared for it?

The most common causes of power outages include:

·        Severe weather, such as high winds, ice storms, hurricanes or tornadoes.

·        Trees or branches that fall and damage powerlines.

·        Equipment failure due to age or overload.

·        Automated control system failures.

·        Animals, such as birds or squirrels, coming into contact with power lines.

·        Construction projects that damage power lines.

·        Electrical grid overloads due to increased demand.

·        Human error or malicious activity.

The basic supplies everyone should have handy for a power outage include:

·        Flashlights/Lanterns

·        Batteries

·        Candles and matches

·        Portable phone chargers

·        Non-perishable food and water

·        Battery-powered radio

·        Portable generator

·        First Aid kit

·        Multi-tool

·        Warm clothing and blankets