Winter Storms



Winter storms can range from sleet to several feet of snow. Winter storms generally happen between December and February, known as 'meteorological winter'. The general 4 month 'winter season' in the US is between December through March.

Surprisingly, when snow storms happen outside of meteorological winter, they most often happen in the spring, rather than the fall. For those in the south, don't get too comfortable, just like out of season snowstorms, snowstorms can be out of region too.

The most recent out-of-character deadly snow storm showed up in Texas in early 2021. Unfortunately, the Texas infrastructure was not properly equipped to handle the level of blizzard this storm was ready to drop. In retrospect, there were many upgrades and modernizations that Texas could have made to their states underlaying architecture that could have helped prevent the level of devastation that occurred.

Hazards of winter storms:

With winter storms come other hazards and silent killers.