For the first time in the United States, turbines are sending electricity to the grid from the sites of two large offshore wind farms.

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Power is a critical element to prepare for in emergency and disaster scenarios, as many unforeseen events can lead to widespread power outages that disrupt essential services, communication networks, and daily routines. The importance of having power during an outage cannot be overstated, as electricity is vital for powering medical devices, maintaining indoor comfort, preserving food supplies, and accessing information and emergency alerts. Preparing for power outages involves ensuring access to backup power sources, such as generators, solar panels, or battery banks, to sustain essential functions and critical systems when the grid fails.

The vulnerability of power grids to natural disasters, cyber-attacks, equipment failure, and human error underscores the need for proactive measures to enhance resilience and reliability in the face of potential disruptions. Power grid failures can have cascading effects on infrastructure, transportation systems, healthcare facilities, and public safety, magnifying the impact of emergencies on communities and individuals. By investing in grid modernization, cybersecurity measures, redundancy systems, and decentralized energy solutions, stakeholders can strengthen the resilience of power grids and reduce vulnerabilities to external threats that may compromise energy supply during crises.

Preppers and emergency preparedness planners recognize the significance of power readiness in ensuring continuity of operations, communication, and quality of life during emergencies. By developing energy management plans, conducting risk assessments, and implementing energy-efficient technologies, individuals and communities can reduce their dependence on centralized power grids and proactively address the challenges posed by power outages. Prioritizing power preparedness not only enhances self-sufficiency and resilience but also fosters a sense of empowerment and security in navigating emergency situations where access to reliable energy sources is essential for survival and recovery.

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Solar Cycle 25: What You Need to Know About Solar Activity

November 22, 2023
In unraveling the mysteries of solar flares and exploring the recent sunspot activity, you can better understand the risks associated with coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and discovering how to prepare for these celestial phenomena.

How to be Prepared for a Solar Flare

August 16, 2022
Most people are not aware of when a Solar Flare occurs. The standard solar flare is not seen by the unaided eye of humans, nor is it smart to look at the sun anyways. Despite this, they do happen. Us being on earth and within our atmosphere are generally protected from any harm a Solar Flare can cause. However, other things like power and electronics, may not escape damage.

Extended Power Outages

August 13, 2022
A natural disaster, an emp, or residents overloading the grid is enough to cause a power outage. The level of severity of the power outage can vary. That's why no matter where you reside, knowing what causes a power outage and how to be prepared for it can help you and your family be one step ahead of the situation.

Basic Preparedness: Power

January 4, 2017
Prepare for power outages with emergency supplies, alternative lighting sources, and advanced measures like solar energy and communication plans.

House Fire Prevention

April 11, 2016
House fire prevention begins with understanding the most common causes of house fires and taking precautions to avoid these situations.

No Power Challenge - 1 Day

March 24, 2016
By turning off your power for one day, you will quickly learn that your survival supplies checklist is missing some items. Disaster preparedness requires research, gathering emergency supplies and practicing survival skills.