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Emergency Preparedness for Families


A person who gathers materials and makes plans in preparation for surviving a major disaster, catastrophe or cataclysm.

Prepper Life:

Families living a preparedness lifestyle to be prepared for any emergency and create a sense of family security.
Prepper Life is an information center for individuals who want to be more prepared for eventualities. We focus on family safety and well-being and feel preparedness is something all people should put emphasis on, regardless of their religious & political views. While many preppers live a preparedness lifestyle because of their world views, we leave those views to our readers and focus solely on education. So, if you want to learn to become more prepared without propaganda, then welcome to Prepper Life.
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Our world is full of dangers, but some threats are more of a current concern than others. This is a matter of perspective of course, but in our view, these are the some of the dangers we are presently concerned with the most.
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Mosquito Risks and Prevention

February 27, 2024
Mosquitoes are a huge nuisance in many parts of the world, with over 3,500 species identified to date. These tiny insects can not only cause itchy bites but also transmit serious diseases.

Places Most at Risk of Earthquakes

February 18, 2024
Scientists assess earthquake risk in cities based on seismic activity, fault lines, and geology. Let's explore the top 5 cities at risk of earthquakes.

The Prepper Life is not about focusing on doom and gloom; it is about being prepared for emergencies and knowing what to do when SHTF. Our goal is to help your Family be prepared while maintaining a healthy mindset and a sense of security in knowing you are fully prepared; or at least, sufficiently prepared.

If you are new to prepping, check out our getting started guide. If you are a community member, welcome back; checkout out our new supply recommendations and our rep the prep shop. If you are an experienced prepper or survivalist, consider contributing our community.

Russian Anti-Satellite Weapons

February 15, 2024
Information from congress about Russian anti-satellite weapons has created fear amongst an already nervous American population as fears of war with Russia escalate.

Epidemic: The Escalation of Shooting Deaths

February 14, 2024
There is statistical evidence that mass shootings are on the rise, as well as individual incident shootings. In our history, it has been well documented that tough and uncertain times directly correlates to rises in deaths by gun.
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Being "Prepared" is an ongoing Journey.

The "Prepper" lifestyle is based on being prepared for disasters, surviving when emergencies occur and being able to sustain survival after a cataclysmic event. Prepper Life is a resource for Preppers in all stages of the preparedness journey to find education and tips on what to be prepared for, and how to be prepared.

Emergency preparedness for families takes practice. We have created several challenges and activities designed to aid Families in there survival preparedness efforts. Learning to work as a team in emergency situations can literally be the difference between life and death.