Holiday Break-Ins & Theft


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During the holiday seasons, when it is known that people are shopping heavily, break-ins and theft are at all time highs. In addition to maintaining your regular security routines, there are additional measures that can be taken into consideration during the coming months. Holiday break-ins don't just occur during the holiday's when gifts may be hidden in vehicle trunks or garages. The risk remains high in the weeks after the holidays when everyone begins to open and play with their new expensive toys. Leaving boxes on the curb or sharing them on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook is like a beacon to those looking to take advantage.

Important Do's & Don'ts during the Holidays:

There are plenty of simple do's and don'ts to help insure you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Do: Keep all doors and windows locked
  • Dont: Keep presents in the trunk of your car
  • Do: Keep your house lit up when out and about
  • Dont: Leave any ladders out or easily accessible
  • Do: Remain vigilant of any strangers coming to your door during the holidays
  • Dont: Leave large boxes on the curb or flaunt expensive gifts on social media

Read our full list of  Holiday Anti-Theft Measures. Taking these extra security measures into account will only help.