Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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How to be Prepared for an Earthquake

Earthquakes occur when a sudden eruption of energy in the Earths Crust and causes the perceptive shaking of the Earths' surface, also known as...

How to be prepared for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are tropical storms that have graduated to a storm with a minimum wind speed of 74-75 mph. They form cyclonic storms with high...

Dealing with the aftermath of an Earthquake

When an earthquake strikes, it can be very alarming and cause you to feel disoriented. The aftermath of an event like this can range...

Surviving A Flood

Putting your Evacuation Plan in Place When flood conditions are present, you’ll want to rely on your evacuation plan to get you to a point...
House on Fire

House Fire Prevention

House fire prevention begins with understanding the most common causes of house fires and taking precautions to avoid these situations. Most Common Causes Below is a...