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Prepper Interests
Having a vehicle in a SHTF scenario would be great. You need to consider what would work best for you and your family; bikes, car, motorcycle, truck, van, boat, etc.
Purification doesn't only pertain to water. It can be the mind, soul, food, irrigation, and more.
Foraging is the act of collecting food, especially berries, mushrooms and other vegetation that grow in the wild.
Utility can mean a few things in the prepper life. Utility knives, utility as in power, etc.
Oil Spill
Oil spills are man made disasters. Most common are pumping mishaps or ships carrying oil get in a wreck, causing the oil to spill out into the ocean and onto our shores.
EMP's are Electromagnetic Pulses. They can be so minor we don't feel them or they can shut down city grids.
Prevention can mean many things int eh prepper life: prevent illness, prevent attacks, prevent disasters, etc.
If SHTF or you get stuck away from home, traveling toward home or to your bugout location will be your only option.
Railroads have many purposes. They traverse the country; providing strict paths to follow.
Preparation (Prepping) is the key to handling and surviving emergency situations.