Some preppers prepare for meteors as part of their emergency readiness strategies due to the potential catastrophic impact of a meteor strike on Earth. While the likelihood of a large meteor hitting the planet is relatively low, the consequences of such an event can be devastating, causing widespread destruction, climate disruptions, and mass extinction. Preparing for meteors involves considering scenarios such as impact zones, blast effects, and secondary hazards like tsunamis and wildfires that may result from a meteor strike.

To prepare for a meteor strike, preppers focus on developing survival plans that include provisions for immediate response actions, sheltering, evacuation routes, and communication protocols. Building underground shelters or fortified structures, stockpiling essential supplies like food, water, medical kits, and protective gear, and establishing early warning systems can enhance readiness for potential meteor impact scenarios. By conducting risk assessments, scenario planning exercises, and simulations, preppers can identify vulnerabilities, prioritize response actions, and optimize their preparedness strategies to mitigate the impact of a meteor strike.

While preparing for meteors may seem like an extreme scenario, preppers recognize the importance of being proactive and vigilant in addressing low-probability but high-impact events that could potentially threaten the safety and well-being of humanity. Advanced survivalists like doomsday preppers take steps to prepare for the long-term fallout scenarios in preparation for fostering a post event civilization.

Dealing with the Aftermath of an Earthquake

January 18, 2017
When an earthquake strikes, it can be very alarming and cause you to feel disoriented. The aftermath of an event like this can range from rather irrelevant to quite tremendous.
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The Rise of Mass Shootings

October 4, 2021
Data shows that mass shootings are on the rise in the United States and that the numbers are considerably higher than in other Western countries. In this article, we will focus on the Q1 2020 and Q1 2021 numbers in the United States, alongside other statistics. For clarification, Q1 refers to the time period from January 1st – March 31st.
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Dealing with the Aftermath of a Tornado

October 25, 2017
The first thing you should do in the wake of a tornado is address any injuries. If you know of someone that injured call 911 and then tend to them immediately.
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Explainer: what’s the difference between an outbreak and an epidemic?

November 15, 2019
What’s the difference between an epidemic and pandemic? It’s time to brush up on the vocabulary that can help you understand just what infectious disease experts are trying to tell us.
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Oil Spills: Deadly to Animals, Humans, and the Environment

June 10, 2017
Unlike most natural disasters, no one can predict this man made disaster. A lot of people think, just because an oil spill happens far out in the ocean that it doesn’t affect much of the human race. That is incorrect.
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Coronavirus vs the Spanish Flu

July 19, 2021
Everything from famine, desertification, war, and of course diseases, have riddled human history for centuries now. Most recently, another life altering event shook Earth’s populace: the outbreak of COVID-19.
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Winter Storms | A Survival Retrospective

May 10, 2021
While winter storms are considered events that should be prepared for, we do not typically consider them natural disasters. However, this particular situation moved into the disaster category quickly, and not just a natural disaster but also a man-made disaster.
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Extended Power Outages

August 13, 2022
A natural disaster, an emp, or residents overloading the grid is enough to cause a power outage. The level of severity of the power outage can vary. That's why no matter where you reside, knowing what causes a power outage and how to be prepared for it can help you and your family be one step ahead of the situation.
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