Gray Man

A gray man is the most undetectable, inconspicuous, and ordinary-looking individual in any setting. He/she blends into the environment and has mastered the art of hiding in plain sight. Gray people appear to be part of the backdrop in any setting and will not be picked out unless you're specifically looking for them.

9 out of 10 times when SHTF, you're not "acting" vulnerable; you are vulnerable. When you're exposed like that, what you need is a shield. Ever heard of the concept of a human shield? Becoming a gray man allows you to use the cover of the herd of people around you to escape life-threatening situations without being noticed.

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Prepper Vocabulary
In the Prepper Life EDC means Every Day Carry. EDC references the bag/ items a prepper should carry daily when they leave their home. These items ensure your survival in an fast acting emergency.
Potable references the cleanliness of water. Potable water is safe for human consumption without any additional filtration or purification methods.
When the word "non-potable" is used they are referencing that the water is undrinkable and should not to be consumed by humans.