MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication. The goal of multi-factor authentication is to have multiple security layers before someone can login to an application.

Types of MFA:

  • Password
  • Emailed, Texted, or Automated call with a 6+ digit code
  • Authenticator App (random code generator)
  • Biometric Authentication (fingerprint, face, iris, voice, etc.)
  • Confirmation Email

Most commonly, only 2 forms of MFA are used to help ensure security. This is known as 2-factor authentication or 2FA. When it comes to logging into apps the most widely used set of MFA is your password followed by a texted 6+ digit code. However, to enter more important sites like your banking institute or medical records, a password plus a biometric layer like a fingerprint or facial recognition might be required.

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MFA stands for multi-factor authentication. Having a secondary security layer protects against hackers.
Threat actors, also known as hackers, are cyber criminals that target the collection of PII, money, or damaging information.