Threat Actor

A threat actor refers to an individual or group that carries out malicious activities with the intention of instilling fear, causing harm, or achieving political, ideological, or religious goals through violence, theft or intimidation.

In the cyber world, they are more commonly referred to as "hackers", but threat actors aren't just cyber criminals. Members of terrorist groups can also be referred to as threat actors.

Cyber threat actors are people who diagnose and exploit technological vulnerabilities. They generally attack through cyber routes like information systems, domains, devices, and networks. The information they steal is most commonly used for financial gain; but can also be used for political upset, terrorism, revenge, or to make a public point.

Most actors are individuals looking to further their financial portfolio, targeting common folk rather than hacking industries. However, some of the more devious cyber threat actors are a member of groups that target our infrastructure, hack controversial companies, and upset the normal flow of our everyday technology.

Also known as: Hacker, Cyber Criminal