Pinch Point

A pinch point is a place or point where congestion occurs or is likely to occur, especially on a road.

Also known as: roadblock or bottle neck

Engineering Meaning

In regards to machinery a pinch point can also refer to a point between multiple moving or stationary parts where ones body part or clothing can become stuck or caught, often leading to serious injury.

The Prepper Life

In Prepper terms, creating a pinch point is a way to create congestion on the road or as a barricade point.

ALL Terms
Prepper Vocabulary
In the Prepper Life EDC means Every Day Carry. EDC references the bag/ items a prepper should carry daily when they leave their home. These items ensure your survival in an fast acting emergency.
Potable references the cleanliness of water. Potable water is safe for human consumption without any additional filtration or purification methods.
When the word "non-potable" is used they are referencing that the water is undrinkable and should not to be consumed by humans.