The primary definition for salting is the preservation of food with dry edible salt. It is related to pickling and brining, and is one way of curing and preserving food. Meats and vegetables are the most common foods to preserve with salt. Salting is one of the oldest methods of preserving food.

Also referred to as: curing or drying

Why Preserve Food with Salt

Salting was popular in the days of no fridges because most bacteria, fungi and other potentially pathogenic organisms cannot survive in highly salty environments, due to the hypertonic nature of salt. Any living cell in this environment will become dehydrated through osmosis and die or become temporarily inactivated and likely killed off during cooking.

Reverting to this method during a SHTF scenario can help your meat and vegetables last longer when the grid is down.

Alternate Meaning & Usage (non-food)

Salting is also used in context with salting roads for winter in places that snow or ice over. Using salt helps to melt the ice and snow off roads and walkways.