SHTF stands for "Shit Hits The Fan". The saying references highly disastrous situations. Some say it in reference to the 'End of the World' or the 'Apocalypse'. Here at Prepper Life we try not to incite fear or bias any political or religious standings. So when we use the term SHTF we are referencing a disaster scenario where there is 360 degree damage.

  • Pandemic
  • War
  • Major Earthquakes
  • Cat 3+ Hurricane
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Tornados
  • Economic Collapse

Use of this term can also be used to describe possible future events or situations in phrases like "when SHTF", etc. It is a collective term to describe when there is so much disaster and things are too much to deal with like when a Cat 5 hurricane hits and power is out, flooding is happening, windows are breaking, and people are questioning their safety and livelihood.

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SHTF stands for "Shit Hits The Fan". A slang term referencing highly disastrous situations, crisis or catastrophe.
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